Thinking of switching between Campus and Online?
Change of Classification Process

Switching from in-person (campus) classes to fully online, or vice versa is a big change! You will want to make sure you research and discuss your decision with the right people as there are several differences between being a campus student and an online student. If you are considering making the switch, please be aware of the following:

  • Not all campus majors are offered online. If you are wanting to move from a campus student to an online student, you will want to make sure that your major is offered by the online program. A list of online undergraduate majors can be found at
  • There are no institutional scholarships available for online students. However, you may still qualify for non-institutional scholarships, Iowa tuition grants, and Federal Financial Aid. Talk with your academic and financial aid advisors to discuss which program is the right choice for you.

If you are ready to make the switch, please contact the IW Online office at 319-385-6208 or to initiate the form required to change your classification.


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    Degrees to help you advance your career

    We offer a variety of relevant degree programs designed to help you reach your educational goals. At Iowa Wesleyan, we understand that you bring a lot to the table! Did you know you can earn many of your credits AND save money at the same time? We apply relevant learning as well as work and life experiences toward college credit through our Credit for Life Learning (CLL) prior learning assessment process.

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    Flexible to help you meet the demands on your time

    The online student experience is strategically designed so that your coursework and your adult life are aligned. With IW’s rolling 8-week terms and 100% online programming, we are beyond adult-friendly. We are adult-customized.

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    Practitioner Faculty

    IW’s instructors combine subject matter expertise with real world experience and knowledge – providing you with an education to advance your career.

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    Get Started Quickly

    An Online Enrollment Advisor will work closely with you to review your previous college credit and/or experiences that may be eligible for transfer credit. You can get started on your degree path within days.

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    Personalized advising support

    You will get the support you need throughout your program from Online Enrollment Advisors who understand the challenges adult students face.

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    Over 177 years of history

    We are a preeminent educational leader and resource for the tristate region.Iowa’s first coeducational university provides relevant and career-oriented courses for a practical and purposeful education. You will be prepared to thrive in your career, in graduate school, and in every area of your life.