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Wesleyan Studies

Wesleyan Studies is the general education curriculum at IW. By completing general education coursework, you will have gained skills and knowledge in arts, humanities, written and oral communication, social science, mathematics and applied reasoning, natural sciences, global awareness, and service learning. This level of knowledge helps you to enhance your skills as an effective leader, creative thinker, responsible local and global citizen, and ethical decision maker.

Rhetorical Foundations

Quantitative and Scientific Reasoning


Understanding Self and Society

Religion/Philosophy/History/English/Economics Pool

Complete two (2) of the following (Limit of one (1) from a single group):

Individuals and Society/Groups Pool

Complete one (1) of the following:

Global Awareness

Service Learning

Writing Intensive Courses

The goals of Writing Intensive Courses (identified in University documents as “WI”) are to aid students’ understanding of how to establish an effective writing process and to support student writing as it develops within courses and majors. Students are required to complete WI courses with a grade of C- or higher to graduate. Writing Intensive Courses will require a minimum of ten pages of formal academic writing as defined by the relevant discipline. This writing may be produced through one or more assignments. Some Writing Intensive Courses are included in the Wesleyan Studies requirements, including English 109 and English 110.  The Writing Intensive Course requirement is tiered as follows:

A student entering IW as a… …with this many earned hours… …must complete this many WI courses.
Freshman 0 – 24 4
Sophomore 24 – 55 3
Junior 56 – 87 2
Senior 88 or more 1

Academic Service Learning Courses

IW Online students are required to complete a single SL course, WS 320 Leadership and Service , to meet this requirement.

Transfer credits

An Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree will fulfill the IW-wide Wesleyan Studies course requirements, as well as confer junior status upon the student; however, a student with such a degree who has not earned the equivalent of a grade of C- or higher in a second-semester composition course must fulfill this requirement as determined by review of application materials and/or a placement test. Additionally, any course taken as a result of such review will fulfill the requirement only if it includes a significant research component. Wesleyan Studies Global Awareness course WS 300 Global Issues course, Service Learning hours (tiered), 30 upper level university credit, and Writing Intensive courses (tiered) are not satisfied by an Associate of Arts (A.A.) or an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree.