Servicemembers may be eligible to receive tuition benefits to help offset the cost of your education. To apply for benefits, you must coordinate with your education advisor, ESO, or counselor within your respective branch of the military prior to enrolling. We recommend you start this process at least four weeks prior to your course start date.

  1. Apply for admission to our university.
  2. Register for courses; all branches require registration prior to approval. You may contact your Enrollment Advisor at or by phone at 319-385-6208.
  3. Choose Military TA as your payment method.
  4. Meet with your Education Services Officer (ESO) for a briefing on TA.
  5. Log into your branch education portal and follow their process for enrolling and requesting TA. You will need to make a separate request for each course with a unique start date.
  6. If your branch does not automatically forward your TA authorization, send your ESO-approved forms to our office.
  7. Disclose all sources of aid: contact the financial aid office if you plan to use Federal Financial Aid along with other sources of military benefits.

Prior to your course enrollment, you may be required to develop an education plan or complete TA orientation. Each branch of the service has a specific TA process. Please select your branch portal below for the most up-to-date information.

TA Application Process

Each military branch has its own Tuition Assistance (TA) application form and procedures. To find out how to get started, visit your local installation education center, go online to a virtual education center or click on the following links for each service branch:

Air Force Tuition Assistance Portal

Apply for military tuition assistance online through the Air Force Virtual Education Center, (form AF 1227)

Helpline: 877-596-5771, Option 7

Army Tuition Assistance Portal

  • In order to qualify for Tuition Assistance, all soldiers must first visit their installation’s education center and create a ArmyIgnitED account.
  • Once a GoArmyEd account has been created, visit the portal to apply for the benefit and find out more information.
  • GoArmyEd (form DA 2171)

Helpline: 800-817-9990

Coast Guard Tuition Assistance Information

Apply for Coast Guard Tuition Assistance benefits (form CGI 1560)

Helpline: 405-954-1360

Marines Tuition Assistance Portal

Apply for Marine Corps Military Tuition Assistance (form NAVMC 10883)

Navy Tuition Assistance Portal

Apply for Navy Military Tuition Assistance (form NAVEDTRA 1560/5)

Helpline: 877-838-1659

Reservist and Guard Tuition Assistance Information

To apply and learn more about your benefits, please visit your Education Service Officer. NG/Reservist will need to visit the ESO of each respective State for TA benefits.

National Guard (form Army DA 2171)

If you have tuition assistance billing questions, please contact the Business Office at 319-385-6207.