Iowa Wesleyan University works with the online bookstore eCampus. We work diligently with eCampus to ensure accurate information regarding textbook requirements is provided to our students. In the event there is an error, Iowa Wesleyan will work with eCampus to rectify the situation. We will not, however, be able to assist students who purchase textbooks from other sources.


  • Order your textbooks in a manner that ensures you have them before the term begins
  • Digital textbooks are the best choice when ordering at the last minute
  • Renting textbooks can frequently be more economical than purchasing
  • Instructors will not make allowances on due dates because a student does not have the required texts
  • You must purchase your books through eCampus if you wish to charge the cost to your IW account and utilize your financial aid or VA benefits for payment.
  • eCampus provides some buy-back options for used textbooks at the end of the term.

Order Textbooks through the IW bookstore