Students may register for class by contacting their advisor. Registration begins approximately six weeks before the start of each semester/term. You are strongly encouraged to register early as capacity is limited in high demand classes. Registrations will be not accepted after the published last day to register for the session.


Official enrollment is confirmed after the end of the add/drop period. An enrollment for any class after the add/drop period is considered an official enrollment and billings will be based on those enrollments. Failure to meet attendance requirements after the official enrollment has been confirmed will not cancel the obligation to pay for assessed tuition charges.

Registration Changes for Online Students

Add/drops are permitted freely and at no charge during the normal add/drop periods as listed below. There will be no tuition charge for students who drop credit hours and no record of enrollment in a “dropped” course will appear on the transcript. All courses added or dropped after the term has begun must be requested through the IW Online Office.

Deadlines to Add an online course

  • The Wednesday – 11:59 pm CT following the opening of the class.

Deadlines to Drop an online course

  • Student initiated: Students may initiate a drop at any time during the first week of the term through the first Sunday – 11:59 pm CT following the opening of the course.
  • Administrative drop: Students who do not attend their online course during the first week of the term through the first Sunday at 11:59 pm CT will be dropped from the course.

Online Course Validation

Enrollment for each online course must be validated by attending class (posting one or more times to any area of the online classroom) during the first seven days of the term. Failure to validate enrollment when courses begin will result in a drop and removal from the course. Simply logging in to the class does not count as attendance.


Online Course Withdrawal (W grade)

Withdrawal from a class may take place during the time after the drop deadline and completion of 62.5% of the course length, after which a letter grade for the course will be awarded. Consistent with all students who withdraw from a portion of their credit load, 100 percent tuition will be charged after the normal add/drop period has expired; however those students affected will remain eligible for any financial aid awarded prior to the withdrawal. In such cases, the withdraw form can completed and submitted to your advisor at A “W” will be recorded on the official transcript.

Withdrawal Form

Administrative Withdrawal (WF grade)

The online course week begins on Monday and ends the following Sunday. Student attendance in the online classroom is defined as active participation in the course as described in the individual course syllabus. Participation means providing substantive comments, questions and contributions that advance the learning process for you and other learners in the course. Online courses have weekly mechanisms for student participation no more frequently than daily, which can be documented by any or all of the following methods:

  • Discussion forums
  • Completion of tests or quizzes
  • Submission/completion of assignments
  • Other course participation

Simply logging into the online classroom is not considered attendance.

Eight week terms: Online students must participate weekly as defined by the professor in the syllabus. After 1 week (12.5%, 1/8th of the scheduled classes) without contact, the student will be issued an official warning. After the second week (25%, 1/4th of the scheduled class) without contact, the student will fail the course and a WF will be recorded. Attendance will be taken and policy applied during the first five weeks of an eight week term.

Complete Withdrawal

Complete withdrawal from Iowa Wesleyan University reflects cases in which an online student have withdrawn from all credit hours for which they were registered in a given term beyond the add/drop period. In such cases, Federal guidelines stipulate that tuition is refunded according to the formulas published in the Academic Catalog.