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Tips to be successful when taking online classes

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    Manage Time Wisely

    Online classes give you the flexibility to study on your time, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to study! Just as you might attend a face-to-face lecture at a regular time each week, you need to schedule time in your personal calendar to study the materials in your online course and complete assignments.

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    Seek Help When Needed

    Attending online classes does not need to be an isolating experience. Your virtual classroom gives you ample opportunities to interact with your instructor and fellow students. At IW Online, our instructors are invested in you and want to see you succeed.

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    Know Your Resources

    Spend time researching the technologies, websites, and resources you may need as early as possible in the term. Ensure your computer is working well and verify your browser and virus protection software is current. If you are unsure where a resource is located, ask.


Strengthening your skills while earning your degree will help you finish your educational goals and enhance your opportunities. The structure and design of online classes provide the format to expand your knowledge and communication skills. We help each student on their path to degree completion by equipping them with the tools needed for success!


Networking can play a critical role in your long term success and college is one of the best places to make connections with other students and faculty. Networking and building relationships is an important investment and is both rewarding and fulfilling. These connections can help generate career leads, enhance your knowledge, and provide opportunities to collaborate.

Tips on how to network while taking online classes

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    Set up a strong LinkedIn Profile

    LinkedIn, the professional social networking platform, hosts more than 500 million professional profiles. Effectively using LinkedIn can enhance your network connections and job opportunities.

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    Engage with your Instructors

    Your online instructors are practitioners with real-world experience and connections. They can serve as a valuable resource and provide awareness of current career and industry trends. Remember to respectfully engage with them to build a connection and gain insights related to your career goals.

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    Reach Out To Alumni

    College students rarely realize the leverage an alumni network can provide. Alumni have the ability to connect you with the right people to start or transition your career. Take advantage of the potential to interact with alumni.


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