Where do you want to take your career? The direction is up to you, helping you get there is what we do. Consider joining the unique experience that is the Iowa Wesleyan University Master of Arts in Management Leadership (MAML) with the Strategic Leadership Program.

Now more than ever, companies and organizations are looking for talented individuals with administrative, leadership, and analytical and critical thinking skills. The faculty at IW have carefully crafted a program designed to help our graduate students gain valuable skills and experiences in preparation for leadership roles. Let us help you maximize your career through the educational opportunities offered in the MAML degree program.

Why Choose Management Leadership at IW Online?

Leadership is meant to inspire teams or organizations into inspiring action that moves the needle in today’s workforce. With a Master of Arts in Management Leadership, you will lead others to critically think through solutions and outcomes to benefit the mission and goals of your company or organization.

The Strategic Leadership Program online is designed to be flexible and convenient to meet the needs of today’s students. Our online classroom allows you 24/7 access to your coursework when and where it’s convenient for you. We are a non-profit, regionally accredited, and nationally ranked.

  • Eight-week terms with six start dates during the year
  • Courses are taught by faculty with practitioner experience
  • Accept up to 9 credits in transfer

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Program Objectives

  • Develop students’ leadership plans that reflect their strengths, values, and practices.
  • Understand a comprehensive body of broad, integrative knowledge in the area of Management Leadership, as well as specialized knowledge and skills that reflect particularities, challenges, trends, and developments in specific and diverse organizational, social, and global contexts.
  • Engage original ideas of personal leadership, interpersonal communication, and change management in comprehensive discussions, essays, and projects.



Our graduates have rewarding careers throughout the United States and around the world. Join the ranks in careers such as:
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Consultant
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Administrative Service Manager
  • Anyone wishing to move up in their organization with increased skills and credentials

Master of Arts in Management Leadership Curriculum



Admissions Requirements

To be admitted to the Strategic Leadership Program you must have:

  • Cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 and a GMAT score of at least 500; or
  • Cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 in a regionally accredited Bachelor’s Degree (business discipline or closely related field).


Providing the foundation for the master’s degree program, this course exposes participants to a series of alternative perspectives of leadership. After studying these perspectives, as well as from applying them using the case method, participants identify models of leadership appropriate for various workplace situations.

Leaders need the ability to communicate effectively with employees and customers to effectively disseminate information. This course evaluates and utilizes communication techniques to develop effective communication strategies. From these discussions, students will develop communication models and define action plans appropriate for various leadership strategies.

Enables the student to study and apply the concepts related to various business, accounting, and economics disciplines to in-depth studies of the behavior of business organizations and the motivations of their participants. Students are required to demonstrate their analytical skills through the analysis of several case studies.

This course offers students an opportunity to use case studies, their own experiences, and current events to examine actions leaders have taken and consequences faced when confronted with ethical dilemmas. Students work on a real-life ethical dilemma for understanding in-depth reasoning of the problem and to develop an action plan for solving and preventing similar problems at the organizational and societal levels.

Principles and practices in recruitment,selection, staffing and compensation of personnel. Consideration of the impact of government regulations, and other environmental forces on human resource management in the workplace. Students who successfully complete the course will be able to describe and apply a variety of practical, theory-based solutions to common human resource management problems and challenges.

Students develop an initiative for a real-life project that can be work-, community-, or university-based. The project is a short description of a situation facing an organization and must be based on field research, depict real-life events, and describe a situation that requires a decision. The case analysis outlines the key issues in the case, identifies alternative scenarios for solutions, and provides the conceptual justification for the student’s recommendation using relevant reference material from the Masters in Management Leadership core curriculum courses.

Strategic Leadership Program

12 credit hours

Employing and deploying human resources is essential to achieve the effective implementation of business models. This course in the strategic leadership program explores two central themes: 1) How to think systematically and strategically about various aspects of managing the organization’s human resources; and 2) What is required to implement these policies in order to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Students will become familiar in the strategic leadership program with functions of the various financial areas, the development and use of information by the general manager, and the various analytical tools and techniques. Successful completion of this course will enable students to make sound, risk-sensitive strategic financial decisions for the business.

Conflict within an organization is inevitable. This course examines the intrapersonal, interpersonal and organizational factors that influence both the positive and the destructive elements of such conflict. Modern conflict management techniques and strategies are explored and examined. The course also encourages students to consider how they might academically contribute to the expanding conflict resolution readings.

One constant in all organizations is the need to change and adapt. This course introduces research topics from the classic organizational development studies (laboratory training, action research and survey feedback, normative approaches, productivity and quality of work life, and strategic change) and then applies those practices and techniques to help organizations achieve greater effectiveness in the modern setting. Emphasis in the strategic leadership program will be on the creation of deliberate, specific, and clearly defined organizational change strategies.


To graduate from the Strategic Leadership Program you must:

  1. Complete 18 credit hours of core course work and the remaining 12 hours one of the concentrations with an overall GPA of 3.0.
  2. Complete a minimum of 30 credit hours
  3. Complete at least 21 credit hours from Iowa Wesleyan University.

All degree requirements are subject to change. Please see the current Graduate Course Catalog for degree requirements


Finance the Strategic Leadership Program with these options:


  • Federal Financial Aid
  • Military/Veteran’s Benefits
  • Tuition Reimbursement/Employer Assistance Programs
  • Payment Plans

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