Employer Reimbursement:

If your employer offers company reimbursement, Iowa Wesleyan can bill your company directly. We will require a letter from your employer (on company letterhead) prior to your first class. The letter must state tuition benefits are available to you and where we send the invoice.

Employer Reimbursement and Tuition Deferment Program

If your employer offers reimbursement to the employee after the final grade is issued, you may use the Iowa Wesleyan Payment Plan option and follow the guidance for employer reimbursement.

Iowa Wesleyan offers an employer reimbursement and tuition deferment program to students whose employers offer tuition reimbursement. The program allows you to defer your tuition payments until completion of the term with no finance or interest charges. This program should not be used by students who use authorizations to bill or third party vouchers to pay their tuition.

If you have any questions about this program, contact Kelsie Young in the Iowa Wesleyan Business Office at 319-385-6201 or email kelsie.young@iw.edu.

Note: If for any reason your employer does not pay for 100% of the tuition charges, the student is responsible for full payment.