Iowa Wesleyan University strives to be recognized as one of the most military friendly universities in the nation. Deployment or extended TDY can be a difficult and stressful time for both the military personnel and their families. IW hopes to relieve some of that stress and support our military personnel by working with them individually to create a plan for the completion of their coursework and continued studies.

Students must inform the school and provide documentation as soon as possible of any deployment. They should also inform their professors. This will allow the student and professor(s) to work on creating a plan for the completion of their coursework. Deployment orders should also be presented to the Registrar or Academic Affairs office.

Deployed students have the following options:

  • students may request an Incomplete and work with their professors to create a plan that will allow them to finish their course work while deployed
  • online students can simply complete their work while deployed
  • students can withdraw from the course per school policy with a notation from the Registrar’s office that the Withdrawal was for military purposes

Readmission After Deployment

For Service Members who were temporarily unable to attend or had to suspend their studies due to service requirements, Iowa Wesleyan will readmit them with the same academic status as when they last attended Iowa Wesleyan. This will be completed when the service member gives Iowa Wesleyan either oral or written notice of the intent to return to school. The student will be granted:

  • admission to the same program or most similar program available
  • the same enrollment status
  • the same number of credit hours previously completed unless the student chooses a different program
  • the same academic standing
  • tuition during the first year of return will be assessed at the same rate as when the student was previously enrolled unless military tuition benefits will cover the higher costs
  • if Iowa Wesleyan feels the student is no longer prepared to continue the same program as before, the student will be allowed one “refresher” course or pretest at no cost.
  • all efforts will be made to ensure the student can complete their previous program of study, but if preparing a student to complete their previous program would create an undue hardship to Iowa Wesleyan, then the student would not be readmitted to that previous program and other programs would be suggested.